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Guest Post: 4 things I underestimated about china – Justin Light (Inky n the Brain)

A month ago I had the pleasure of guest-posting on Inky n the Brain run by a very nice chap called Justin. Today it’s Justin’s time to return the favour. Justin’s site is about practical positivity and motivation which is … Continue reading

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Why ADHD rocks

I’m guest-posting over at Inky-n-the-brain today all about some of the good things about ADHD. Not denying that sometimes there are issues with it, but this is a feel-good post about an area I feel passionate about. As I say … Continue reading

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Homeschooling a girl: The Beginning

So it’s finally happened. I’m now officially a homeschooling dad. After the emotional turmoil of the last few months with my children’s school closing down amid great controversy and, quite honestly, disgusting lack of care and communication for those the … Continue reading

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On buying an ice cream

Sometimes I really do think that my ADHD is proof that ADHD is on the autism spectrum. I say this on the basis that I have never been able to follow the advice that everyone else I know seems able … Continue reading

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Reflections on being a Dog-owning Writer: The first Term Break

Easter has come and so has Spring. British weather never exactly ‘blooms’ into sunshine as such – the rain is an ever-persistent hindrance – but at least the sun is coming out and when it does, everything is beautiful. Things … Continue reading

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