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30 Final Days of Bangladesh – Day 1

Today we started packing stuff. We’ve already sent several bags of books and things off with others who have visited over the last few months from the UK. Now we’re down to two kinds of packing: What we are shipping … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Hardest Things about Moving Home from Bangladesh

I just recently read Chelsea Fagan’s post ‘The 23 Hardest Things About Moving Home After Living Abroad‘ on Thought Catalog and found myself pondering her words as we now approach the last few weeks left in Bangladesh. Emotionally, we’re wrecked – or … Continue reading

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A Crossroads for the future of Bangladesh

I’ve just put my wife on a train having said goodbye with a particularly heavy heart. I wouldn’t say we had a final farewell or anything, but we did part knowing that there is an element of risk both for … Continue reading

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Justathirdculturekid – Flower of Hope

Originally posted on justathirdculturekid:
Her alta-dyed feet stepped softly through the cemetery, her white silk saree hem brushed the dew covered grass getting soaked and stained. But she didn’t mind. She knew her husband would be angry later on but…

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Naked Teaching and Maintaining a Reputation

Yeah, I had fun coming up with this title – can you tell? Those who know me personally may well be doing a ‘face-palm’ and thinking ‘oh no, what has he started doing now?’ There are two meanings to ‘naked’ … Continue reading

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