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Smoke and Mirrors: How to Vanish a School

Magicians are wonderful masters of deception but this is no easy task despite how they make it seem. There is a lot involved with pulling the wool over the eyes of , usually, not just one person but a whole … Continue reading

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A final nail in the coffin? Malignancy has no place in Education

Following on from my last post detailing the planned closure of my children’s school and the need to home school them from this September onwards I had intended to write a post about the advantages of home schooling. However, that … Continue reading

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An Appeal for Justice

This post will be a most unusual one. Although I often champion the worthy causes of people I meet, I normally keep out of specific political situations. However, on behalf of my friend and fellow blogger, Raad Rahman, I am … Continue reading

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Gardening, schools and why I ‘demeaned’ myself for two years

A friend shared this picture on Facebook this morning and I began to share it and write a little commentary. I quickly realised my rant was too long for a medium which is only slightly better than the 140-character Twitter … Continue reading

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A Year On

It’s almost a year on from when I, Wifey, Thing I and Thing II left Bangladesh and returned to the land of our birth, England. We knew it was going to be tough. Thing II could barely remember what it was like to live in … Continue reading

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