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Confession: I am a man-whore

The title says it all: I am a man-whore. Should I be ashamed of this? It is, I confess, a dirty secret. I can’t help myself. It’s like a fixation in me. And I’m getting ever more desperate because I’m … Continue reading

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Growing Friends

As I taught…one worry niggled me throughout: would I have the same kind of relationship with my own two children? I’ve enjoyed a teaching career which spanned more than twenty years and, for most of that time, I’ve taught older … Continue reading

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40 Days of Internet Fasting: Day 2 « justathirdculturekid

“I didn’t almost get caught in school because of a buzzing pocket or glancing at my phone. I didn’t stand in a corner with my phone in my youth group. I didn’t hole myself up in the girls toilets at … Continue reading

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When the Swedish Blonde walked into my life

Men in their 40s traditionally are known for their ‘midlife crisis’ and start doing strange things. When I grew up it was the ‘Benny Hill’ mentality that they became ‘dirty old men’ who would lust after barely legal blonde and … Continue reading

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Minipost 10 – Facebook and our Pre-teenage children

Facebook has been, without a doubt, the single most important website in my family’s  life. When we arrived  at Bangladesh in 2008 Facebook kept us in touch with all our friends. In fact, I’ve got in touch with old school … Continue reading

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