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How I survived Your Childhood

After sharing a post from my good friend and former student, Nicky, she enjoyed the reaction so much that she has taken up blogging for herself! Choosing an inspired title for her blog – How I Survived Your Childhood – … Continue reading

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I Spy

In my defence, there are two pieces of evidence I would like to present before the jury before they convict me of gross outrage behaviour for a respectable adult yesterday. The first is that I had the double honour of … Continue reading

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The Cat

So…something most peculiar happened to my family and I yesterday. It was horrible, momentarily…unsettling…and then…well, you’ll see. We don’t have a good track record with pets. They either tend to die prematurely or be off their rockers. Occasionally they’re both. … Continue reading

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Spam, spam, spam and more spam!

I couldn’t help but borrow from the beloved English institution which is Monty Python for the title of this post; it’s most fitting I think. I’ve noticed in recent weeks that there seems to be a new breed of spam writers lurking … Continue reading

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22 Animals Who’ve Been Hiding Out In The London Underground Map

Today, a little humour for you. I say humour rather than humor as this is particularly British (and so justifiably published as British is one of the main themes of this blog). Nevertheless, I hope everyone reading this enjoys it anyway, as I did … Continue reading

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