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Beating Back the Bulldog – The rise of British Asian movies tackling social issues

A new UK movie was released this year by a theatre company which hopes to be the first ‘Islamic film company’ in Britain. The film, Freesia, is thought to be the first to tackle the growing problem of Islamophobia in … Continue reading

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Asian and American? The aftermath of Donald Trump’s rise

Embed from Getty Images “It’s embarrassing,” says Carol, “Everyone in my hometown seems to think he’s a hero.” Carol is a doctor from Ohio who as been working in Bangladesh for more years than she cares to admit. She returns … Continue reading

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Lifting the Veil: Behind the UK debate to ban Muslim veils

Long rant warning. I’m about to upset a lot of people. All Muslims are terrorists. Muslim women who insist on wearing veils in the UK are disrespecting our culture and clearly have something to hide. If we showed the same kind … Continue reading

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“You can reassure Bengali Hindus as much as you want that JI-Shibir represents a small, fanatical fringe element. That majority are tolerant. That Bangladesh is as much their home as any Muslim or any other religion. You can say these … Continue reading

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