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What could YOU do with $2 each month?

What could you do with $2 per month? I carried out extensive research into this question (well…I asked a few friends on Facebook) and here’s my results. For $2 per month you could: possibly get a cheap lipstick or concealer (would … Continue reading

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Food Loss and Waste around the World

MakeWealthHistory has just published an excellent post this week about the loss or waste of food produced for human consumption. It dismays me to read that between 1/4 and a 1/3 of all food is lost or wasted. Those two … Continue reading

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30 Final Days of Bangladesh – Day 2 – delivering furniture

Today we got rid of some shelves and a rug. All our furniture has been ‘booked for buying’ by national friends and, little by little, people are coming to our house and taking the goods. I’m enjoying the space that’s … Continue reading

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Bangladesh: A way up, “with dignity” – comment on a Dhaka Tribune Editorial

“An international panel of experts recently recommended that the developed countries allow 100% duty and quota free (DFQF) entry of products to their markets from least developed countries (LDCs), such as Bangladesh. As trade is the most viable vehicle to … Continue reading

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The World’s Poorest President

Sometimes I just find stories inspiring. This is one. Jose Mujica is the President of Uruguay. I don’t know all his policies. I doubt I would agree with everything he stands for – he would be the first politician ever … Continue reading

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