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In Memory: Five years on

Today marks five years since unbelievable tragedy hit my home town of Whitehaven. I still recall vividly how the surreal events unfolded little by little. My family and I were living in Bangladesh at the time believing we were the … Continue reading

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Fundraising for Ria and an Asian night out!

On Monday night Wifey, Thing I and I headed down to a local Chinese restaurant – The Orchid Manor – in Whitehaven. This was not an ordinary night out however. This was a fundraising event for Ria and her campaign. The wonderful … Continue reading

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A Concert of Thoughts

noun [kón sùrt, kónssərt] (plural con·certs) 1. public musical performance: an event where an individual musician or a group of musicians, e.g. a choir, band, or orchestra, performs in front of an audience 2. agreement: harmony or accord, e.g. in … Continue reading

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When the young woman wanted me naked

I was flattered, I really was. Who wouldn’t be? When an attractive young woman admits to wanting you, naked, coaxing you by saying you’re ‘perfect’ (Yes she really did use that word and my ego grew). Weirdly, the thought of Wifey didn’t … Continue reading

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Minipost 27 – Fear and Friendship

Recent events here in Bangladesh (which I can’t freely discuss) have reminded me just how fragile things can be. Troubles affecting certain countries worldwide in recent days have been making things difficult for foreigners here. We’re all a little bit … Continue reading

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