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Twenty-two short fiction stories and semi-fictional essays which individually stand alone but together takes the reader on an imaginary journey from childhood in 1980s Britain to adulthood as a teacher, to life in Bangladesh and finally to old age (and beyond) in contemporary Britain.

Separate characters, narrators and scenarios present different fictional ideas yet hidden within each is a kernel of truth, deliberately masked, about the author behind them all. Here we meet schoolboys hiding from witches, terrified teachers, dangerous school Heads, magical instruments, mysterious prisons and (extra)ordinary women – yet everything has some basis in reality. The stories explore difficult themes such as childhood innocence, abuse, sex, love, religion and death.

Some stories and essays connect together to form a chronological thread while others contradict each other or imagine alternative lives. All of them are intended to amuse or challenge the reader’s understanding of life and, if they take the time to look closely, to reveal pencil marks hidden behind the paint.

Contains some strong language and adult content.

Praise for ‘Old Man on the Beach’

Taken from Amazon and Goodreads reviews:

“Poignant and striking writing…”

“Absolutely beautiful storytelling…”

“…the author has written it is like a train journey, passing through cities, villages, countryside, seeing little cameos of life in all its glory and failures.”

“The use of language is vivid and the story lines gripping.”

“…you didn’t want to rush the story for fear of missing the sweetness of the telling…”

“From the very first quote by Beau Taplin on the very first page, I was hooked. I’d intended to read a story at a time but ended up reading the while lot almost in one go!”

“Some stories will make you gasp at the audacity, some will make you weep and laugh…”