Why ADHD rocks

I’m guest-posting over at Inky-n-the-brain today all about some of the good things about ADHD. Not denying that sometimes there are issues with it, but this is a feel-good post about an area I feel passionate about. As I say over there, if you could give me a pill to take it away, I wouldn’t touch the pill.

Feel free to pop over there and see what I have to say. It’s a good positive-vibe place to hang out too!


Why ADHD rocks – surprising view of a freelancing expat

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10 Responses to Why ADHD rocks

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  2. ken- why adhd sucks! if you had a pill to take it away, i’d ask for two of them. so if they come up with the pill, can i have yours?

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    • D K Powell says:

      Wow Doug you’re so harsh on ADHD these days my friend! If I’m ever offered the pill I’ll make sure I send it over to you right away sir! 😉

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      • ken- maybe I’m being unfair to ADHD. I do receive the benefits you describe. but it has caused so much trouble in my life I cant be fond of it. It causes less trouble now because I know about it, have strategies and medication, but it is still a hassle and takes a lot of effort and energy to cope with it. I’d be willing to give it up.


        • D K Powell says:

          Doug, key points being: know about it (I didn’t know either until a few years ago and had more struggles than you can know as a boy in part because of it); strategies (as I say in the post – ADHD properly managed can be a blessing and I developed mine 30 years ago); and medication (which means you struggle with it sufficiently enough to need it. Many of us don’t but in some ways that makes it just as hard. My son, for instance, is orderline).

          The post was commissioned specifically for a website dedicated to positivity and it was a case of horses for courses. I make clear it’s not all plain sailing and fun, I make clear much of the struggles are to do with society’s expectations of how we should behave, but I wrote because many people with ADHD are told all the time how it is THEIR problem and THEIR fault and not allowed to recognise some of the nice things which come from ADHD – like the caring, creative side. I wanted to encourage them and those who love them (put up with them) that it isn’t all about it being ‘your problem’ as though we’re diseased.

          I’m sorry you didn’t feel able to support me on the site itself, instead leaving the kind of comment I might expect from a stranger rather than someone who has known me and my views for many years, but I’m more worried that you’re in distress in some way and this is your vocalising private worries. I do hope you’re ok and that this is just us clashing on two different viewpoints. Holding different opinions is perfectly fine and always welcome. Stepping on toes isn’t and I do hope I haven’t stepped on yours.

          Best wishes my friend


  3. AdiC says:

    Interesting article, that one! Though there seems to be some technical glitch which is not letting me like or comment there 😦


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