Writers In The Storm

I tend to break rules.

Always have, probably always will and, oh boy, it gets me into trouble  wherever I go. One of the rules I was told when I first started blogging was ‘stick to one subject and cater for a particular kind of audience’. I thought I could do that – Bangladesh; simple; right?


I don’t just write about Bangladesh but about Britain too (because I’m British, go figure) and about being a writer, and a teacher, and musician, and scientist…you get the drift. I don’t stick to one subject. At least this gave me the excuse that this is the reason the wordpress team haven’t ‘pressed’ me and made my blog amazingly famous for five minutes. Nothing to do with any writing skill…

But such diversity, whilst not attracting hundreds to my blog, does have one wonderful, wonderful benefit; something I love in ‘real life’ just as much as one in the virtual. And that is I gain a diverse number of followers and readers. You lot come from all over the world and every kind of background and belief.

And some of you are fellow writers.

It is with those of you who are (or who dream of being one) that I offer you this post as something to read and contribute to:

What Are You Excited About? Marketing & Promo Made Easy… | Writers In The Storm Blog.

I came across it thanks to a lovely woman who works helping writers to find work. You can read her blog here: http://chopeclark.com/blog/ She’s a lovely lady and I recommend her newsletters too. You can find her on Facebook as well. She really is lovely!

Anyway, this post by Writers In The Storm has the rather cool idea they call “Promote and Pimp”! The idea is you promote your blog, articles, books – anything as long as it is writing connected – and then ‘pimp’ or praise somebody else’s writing, blog, book or whatever.

I like that.

The sense of helping each other out, it just has that Random Act of Kindness feel to it that might, just might make the world a slightly better place to live in. My writing friends – enjoy the post. I hope it helps you, your writing and those you want others to know about too.

Best wishes 🙂

PS – in case you’re wondering and can’t read my comment on the post itself yet, I promoted this blog (of course!) and pimped the books of an old friend of mine – Elizabeth Haynes who really is a fantastic writer! Check out her work 🙂

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26 Responses to Writers In The Storm

  1. That’s great, thank you for sharing! I love the fact that your blog is diverse, and I chuckled at your mention of the WordPress advise 🙂 I also tried to follow that rule but quickly went astray in my efforts to find perfect 🙂 Let me go check that out now…


  2. oddznns says:

    Hi Ken.

    I like your blog just the way it is. It’s real and seems to link to a REAL person.

    You’re right, my writing coach keeps telling me to focus. But, I like writing about the stuff that interests me, and being a dilettante that’s a whole lot of stuff.

    Thanks for the heads up on chopeclark. Will certainly go check her out.
    And, yes, my next blog will be about promoting and pimping.

    On that note… Do you have anyHarvest Moon festivals in BanglaDesh and have you blogged about them recently?


    • That’s wonderful to hear oddznns! Thank you for your kind and supportive words. I look forward to seeing your own promoting and pimping!

      Hmm…now then, Harvest Moon festivals in Bangladesh? Not that I’m aware of, no. There may be some Hindu festivals associated with that but I only have a limited knowledge of Hinduism. My knowledge of Islam (Folk Islam especially) is better and I’m not aware of anything to do with that. Maybe some of my readers who are Muslims will have a better idea if they notice this comment thread? Bangladesh is FULL of festivals. Every month has at least one festival holiday and often two, three or more! The Harvests come round twice a year though some bideshis (foreigners) tell me there is a third one though I’ve never heard of it from Bangladeshis if there is. But the kind of things you’ve been blogging about on your blog (I HAVE been reading!) I can’t say I’ve noticed here.

      Sorry I can’t be more help! :S


  3. Laura Drake says:

    Fascinating blog, Ken – so glad you found us, over on WITS – I’ll be checking in from time to time!


  4. I think YOU are quite lovely, Ken. Thanks so much for your sweet words while mentioning me in your post.

    Hope Clark


    • My pleasure Hope – you have done so much to inspire me and keep me going with my writing that this is really the very least I could for you. Best wishes to you and your wonderfully creative and supportive work 🙂


  5. raaina says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog! The diverse range of topics is what keeps it interesting for me. Although I mentally do link your teaching posts and Bangladesh posts together, they are pretty much closely related 🙂


    • Yeah I think most of the time the teaching and Bangladesh do come together. I still have to remember though that I’ve taught much longer in the UK than I have here. I’m still very much a ‘trainee teacher’ after four years in Bangladesh!


  6. Ruby Tuesday says:

    I was never given blogging advice, but for me sticking to one subject is mind-numbing and the thought alone kills a part of my soul. And on my personal blog, the only audience I have ever catered to is myself. So clearly you’re in good company here.

    Though I am so far the only blogger I have ever known who doesn’t give a single thought to stars, subscriber numbers, being “Freshly Pressed” (that one I especially don’t see the value of). I promote other bloggers’ stuff more than I do my own.

    Except for Canvas, that site I promote the crap out of.

    Anyway, neat idea, Ken. Thanks for sharing and spreading the love around!


  7. La La says:

    Promote and pimp. I love it.


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