Swim for it! Sponsored Swim for LAMB

No! Before you think it – NOT me! You won’t EVER find me swimming for charity. I’m not that daft! but some very good friends of mine are…

Chris and her husband. He’s a New Zealander and therefore doesn’t need a name…

Chris Edwards was one of the doctors who were here at LAMB when Wifey and I first started visiting before we decided to live here. Her husband, Colin and their two boys had been living at  LAMB for about 15 years at the time. When we get ’em we like to keep ’em!

Chris and her family left to return to the UK just as we arrived to stay (I don’t think they were trying to tell us anything in doing that…) but, in many ways, her heart is still very much in Bangladesh.

This is another of those posts I didn’t intend to write. Isn’t it odd how (to paraphrase a British joke about buses) you wait for ages for a charity to come along and then three come at once?!

Last night I saw on Facebook that Chris’ son – Tim – was going to do a sponsored swim to raise money for  LAMB. It turns out the pair of them are going to do it. Chris has just put up a charity page for their swimming event which will happen next Friday. You can view it by clicking on this link:

Chris and Tim swim for Bangladesh!

Now, my little series of posts on charities over the next few days is merely to raise a little awareness, as I said in another post. But this post is the exception. It is very easy to give a little (£5 / $5) and it is actually for the cause which is closest to our hearts. My hope is that you might consider giving your spare coppers (via paypal or a debit card, of course) to help spur Tim on. Have a think about it, anyway.

This is used without Tim’s permission. He is going to kill me…

Tim, who is 14, decided to do this when he found out his local swimming pool were offering their pool for a sponsored charity mile swim. He tells me that when he does this next Friday he will do it in an hour first thing in the morning before then cycling off to school. If you are anything like me you will find this idea quite appalling – especially as the UK is currently in minus degree temperatures! However, in the Edwards household, this is normal day-to-day life. Believe me – they’re all nuts!

Nuts or not, they are all very special people and Chris’ work with women at  LAMB for many years earned her a special something from the Queen (which she never ever brags about so I won’t say any more here but you don’t get it just for holding doors open for people, I can tell you) before she returned to England. It is fair to say she has, along with the team of staff who worked with her, saved countless thousands of mothers and their babies over 20 years. If you met her, you would never guess it. You don’t get more normal and down-to-earth than Chris.

What they are raising money for

The Poor Fund is the pot of money – entirely from donations all over the world – that pays for the poor ( LAMB covers about 6 million poor people in Northwest Bangladesh) to receive medical treatment. There is no National Health Service in Bangladesh and all treatment has to be paid for. With  LAMB paying the wages for about 600 staff, the money has to come from somewhere and the Poor Fund makes sure it isn’t the poor who suffer. As you can imagine, it gets used very quickly!

The Rehab centre does an incredible amount of work as my wifey knows – she runs it! Apart from incredible work with children who have club feet, they help children with developmental delays to develop and are advocates for the disabled. You can read my series on what the Rehab centre does here.

Chris and Tim will swim to raise money for these two areas of  LAMB‘s work. Thanks for taking the time to read this – normal service will be resumed shortly…

Another way you can help, by the way, is to reblog this post to your own blog, if you have one, and on to Twitter, Facebook and so on so that others can take a look and see if they would like to donate. The more people know about this, the more Tim and Chris can raise.

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