Three years old today!

It’s only a little thing but it was nice to wake up today and find out the kenthinksaloud is three years old today (thank you WordPress for telling me). Before that the early version of the blog was on blogger but when that crashed and refused to do anything for months I switched over to WordPress and never looked back!

I lost track of when I got my first paid professional article published – which is when I view myself as having started ‘writing professionally’ as it were – but I know it was just before the original blog started so that does mean I’ve been at this game for about four years now and I wonder how things have moved on? Well, I hope…

I guess this is a good time to give a little round-up of posts worth seeing so let’s do that now.

Posts popular at the moment are:

My review of The Full Monty

Linked to that my tongue-in-cheek When the Young Woman Wanted Me Naked caused a definite stir!

My review of The Amazing Wonderbag (if you’ve not bought one yet – why not?)

And I’m glad to say – because it means you peeps actually care – my post asking you to Help me, help Ria was well-read too. We’re now 90% of the way there with her funding.

Posts most popular over the three years are:

On Winning the Shot-put

Bangladeshi Fashion

When the Swedish Blonde Walked into My Life

and my report on Wifey’s work at LAMB with Rehab and Club Foot work (part I)

Of course I’ve ignored, in these lists, all my tabbed pages at the top of the blog which prove to be the places every new reader goes to when they arrive here. It’s overwhelming how many times people have visited them to see who my family and I are and what we were doing in Bangladesh for six years. They don’t need the publicity having all been read many thousands of times each – but do go take a look if you haven’t already. Did you notice I have a book out (hint, hint)?

I’m going to go before I started dwelling on how things have changed over the three years. Some things get better as years pass by – I hope my writing has! – but some things certainly don’t.

And just in case you haven’t had enough of all the links I’ve given above, you can find more reviews, guest posts and other things I’ve done – or have been said about me – below. Go on – pig out – it’s my birthday! 🙂

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13 Responses to Three years old today!

  1. Ladygardenia says:

    Congratulations Dear Ken!! It’s wonderful and I hope the three years will lead into another fun years together with you and your thoughts! 🙂


  2. Norah says:

    Happy birthday/anniversary Kenthinksaloud! Proud to belong in your network and looking forward to all the changes that may come in the future. All the best ♡!


  3. Happy Birthday, kenthinksaloud!




  5. congratulations… on being three years old and growing healthy…most of the blogs die in absence of regular and quality content…although i m still new to your blog..but everything over here deserves true appreciation…hope it continues like this for ever…nd hoping my blog also receives the same love as urs from the readers..


  6. For a 3 yr old you have done a great amount of work, Ken!!!! Joking of course…
    Happy blogging anniversary [also known as blogiversary!], my dear friend.
    Piging out over here is as pleasurable as being thrown in a chocolate fountain [chocolate addict], or Scrooge McDuck diving into his gold coins! Never enough!
    Cheers to many many more of those!


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